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We moved to new site….

September 23, 2011

We moved into new web site!!! Visit


Surround Effect VST plugin released

August 17, 2010

This is my first VST effect plugin. It generates surround sound & mix it to default audio channels! Currently it doesn’t have an editor window, so it uses default GUI of host.  (compiled using vst sdk v2.3)

Use following link to download it with source.


GSLib v1.0 released!

August 3, 2010

GSLib is a COM(ActiveX) component which can be use to solve linear equations using Gauss–Seidel iterative method!You can use this library from any language which has support for COM technology! (ex: C++, VB, C# …)


CalculateRoots method has 3 parameters!

equationCount = number of equations you have
params = array of constants with assumption values of roots
roots = output buffer which receive value of roots

for instance, suppose you want to solve following three linear equations:

12x+3y-5z=1 ———-(1)
x+5y+3z=28  ———-(2)

so, equationCount=3

params= array [12,3,-5,1,1,5,3,28,3,7,13,76,0,0,0]  ( last three zeros are assumption values of roots! usually we use zeros…)

roots = array to hold root values! for this example, array size should be enough to hold three numbers.
 put GSLib.dll into somewhere then call “regsvr32.exe GSLib.dll”

 call “regsvr32.exe /u GSLib.dll”


ByteCounter v1.0 released

June 7, 2010

One day I activated mobitel(my isp) smart 25 option to connect into the internet. After that,I used more than 50MB but isp didn’t send a message to me to inform that session is over. As a result of that, I used my whole credits for that internet session! What a waste ha?

So, I made this tool for my own use. Hope it could be useful for you.

(tested with windows xp) (source code included)

StructChecker v1.0 for Fast Killer v2.6.3

June 3, 2010

StructChecker scans for changes of PE file structure. Most of exe infections can be detect using this engine. So, use it wisely! Please read documentation for more info. (source code included)

First Track Made With Synthesizer

May 18, 2010

This is my first experience with synthesizer! Hope you like it!

StopIt v1.0

October 13, 2009

StopIt prevents PE file execution on removable drives. It will help you to stop virus infections from removable drives. Anyway, This method cannot be use to detect dll execution through rundll32.exe & script execution. But If you have Fast Killer, then you can overcome those problems. So, combination of Fast Killer & StopIt will make your PC more secure.


July 21, 2009

SelectX is a small tool which can be use to send text from any application to Madhura Dictionary.

Font Trainer

July 21, 2009

Font Trainer is an On-Screen keyboard which can be used for training fonts! (source code included!)

Download Font Trainer from following link

Wonka Framework

July 21, 2009

Wonka framework provides extensibility for your applications! It allows you to change programme implementation during runtime. It is a next generation application framework!

Download Wonka Framework c++ version from following link

Download Wonka Framework Java version from following link