GSLib v1.0 released!


GSLib is a COM(ActiveX) component which can be use to solve linear equations using Gauss–Seidel iterative method!You can use this library from any language which has support for COM technology! (ex: C++, VB, C# …)


CalculateRoots method has 3 parameters!

equationCount = number of equations you have
params = array of constants with assumption values of roots
roots = output buffer which receive value of roots

for instance, suppose you want to solve following three linear equations:

12x+3y-5z=1 ———-(1)
x+5y+3z=28  ———-(2)

so, equationCount=3

params= array [12,3,-5,1,1,5,3,28,3,7,13,76,0,0,0]  ( last three zeros are assumption values of roots! usually we use zeros…)

roots = array to hold root values! for this example, array size should be enough to hold three numbers.
 put GSLib.dll into somewhere then call “regsvr32.exe GSLib.dll”

 call “regsvr32.exe /u GSLib.dll”



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