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Surround Effect VST plugin released

August 17, 2010

This is my first VST effect plugin. It generates surround sound & mix it to default audio channels! Currently it doesn’t have an editor window, so it uses default GUI of host.  (compiled using vst sdk v2.3)

Use following link to download it with source.



Fast Killer v2.6.3 Manual Update -15/08/2010

August 16, 2010

You can download 2010-08-15 manual definition update file using from following link.

GSLib v1.0 released!

August 3, 2010

GSLib is a COM(ActiveX) component which can be use to solve linear equations using Gauss–Seidel iterative method!You can use this library from any language which has support for COM technology! (ex: C++, VB, C# …)


CalculateRoots method has 3 parameters!

equationCount = number of equations you have
params = array of constants with assumption values of roots
roots = output buffer which receive value of roots

for instance, suppose you want to solve following three linear equations:

12x+3y-5z=1 ———-(1)
x+5y+3z=28  ———-(2)

so, equationCount=3

params= array [12,3,-5,1,1,5,3,28,3,7,13,76,0,0,0]  ( last three zeros are assumption values of roots! usually we use zeros…)

roots = array to hold root values! for this example, array size should be enough to hold three numbers.
 put GSLib.dll into somewhere then call “regsvr32.exe GSLib.dll”

 call “regsvr32.exe /u GSLib.dll”