Fast killer v2.6.3


Fast Killer is an efficient USB malware removing tool for Windows NT platform.It’s virus detection method based on hash matching theory. That’s why it is faster than regular anti virus packages.


· Free online updates,
· Automatically update definitions by reading autorun.inf file (self upgrade),
· Automatically fix corrupted registry settings (example: Task Manager disable problem),
· Can be use to fix locked hidden files on your removable drives,
· Automatically scan for threats on new removable drive arrival,
· Allows you to define custom definitions,
· You can share custom definitions with your friends,
· and more…

Download it from following link


26 Responses to “Fast killer v2.6.3”

  1. Pathum Says:

    It is very good virus guard i ever seen but can’t understand how to update.

  2. sadalu Says:

    i think f killer best one in the world

  3. Samitha Says:

    fastkiller is a boo !! dont get fuckd off you bloody idiot… I’m also a sri lankan … thats y Im worried… Get your ass off from this business..

    • shan Says:

      u realy jack ass who don’t even know hw to fuck off……just explain your
      point exactly when u wanna fuck off…….im too Sri Lankan … explain y u gonna worried about the great wrk(FK)……….

  4. Every one to love FK Says:

    we want fast killer ………please develop it…………….

  5. Yoshitha Says:

    wow awsome !! keep it up..!

  6. Thare Says:

    Is this wrk with resisted Kaspersky Virus guard?

  7. damith Says:


  8. Thare Says:

    I cant download this software I try many times but it’s not working 😦 .
    my OS is windows 7 somebody help me to download this FAST KIller

  9. chathuranga Says:

    can’t update yaaarr….. plss say how can i update this 2.6.3 version,
    and can’t download this link also, & Fast Killer 2010-01-29 Definition Update

  10. prasanna Samaranayake Says:

    There is no way to update! there is no online button.


    🙂 super…!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    this is greatttttttttttttttttttttttt &

  13. Manoj Prasanna Says:

    this is # 1

  14. Manoj Prasanna Says:

    100 % sri lankan
    100% accuracy
    100% great
    100 % Quality
    100% very very fast

    \FAST KILLER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  15. Sampath Says:

    It’s really useful. Thanks for giving it free. That shows that you guys are true Sri Lankans. Keep it Up!

  16. dharsana Says:

    it’s good

  17. dharsana Says:

    I’s really usefull.I should thank my dear u giving it free.

  18. kasun Says:

    i nd to download full source code.but how

  19. Heshan Madushanka Says:

    super 100%

  20. Ranil Says:

    nice work

  21. Anonymous Says:

    tcg soft
    you rock baby

  22. Anonymous Says:


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