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July 21, 2009

SelectX is a small tool which can be use to send text from any application to Madhura Dictionary.


Font Trainer

July 21, 2009

Font Trainer is an On-Screen keyboard which can be used for training fonts! (source code included!)

Download Font Trainer from following link

Wonka Framework

July 21, 2009

Wonka framework provides extensibility for your applications! It allows you to change programme implementation during runtime. It is a next generation application framework!

Download Wonka Framework c++ version from following link

Download Wonka Framework Java version from following link


July 21, 2009

StubGen is a dynamic library which helps you to set C++ member function as callback function( believe it or not!). All you have to do is generate the assembly stub for member function and then you can use that stub as callback function! Currrent dll is compiled for MSVC compiler. Source code for the dll is also provided. So you can change the dll for your compiler( but it requires knowledge of ASM language & internal representation of classes which depends on compiler). Using this library, you can even a code GUI framework. Checkout the example folder for practical usage of this library. (note: you should be in release mode of your project to work with this library. coz debug mode fills lot of garbage into your executable!).

Download StubGen v1.0 from following link


July 21, 2009

BlackBox Dongle protection is a copy protection mechanism for commercial softwares!  It gives anti copying & anti debugging mechanism for your software!  To apply protection, protect your program with BBOX tool and distribute it with usb thumb drive! So, To execute protected programs, user will require usb thumb drive! Funny Ha..? It is a good shit for commercial companies!

Download BlackBox Protection v2.0 from following link

Lame Sounds

July 21, 2009

Lame Sound Poly Engine is a audio FX engine which can be use to credit dialogs & installers!  Some of my other programs are used this library.  It uses keygen musics to rock the listeners… Ohh… i love it… Cool… (Hint: you can use upx packer to reduce dll size!)

Download Lame Sounds from following link


July 21, 2009

OUI(Oaeken User Interface) Lib is a C++ library which allows you to set effects for windows & dialogs!  Famous winamp docking effect is also included!  To apply those effects, you have to pass all window messages to appropriate functions.

Download OUI Library from following link

Python Desktop Shell

July 21, 2009

Python desktop shell allows you to enter python commands quickly! I’m too lazy to create a installer for this program. So you have to manually unzip it to somewhere and add it to startup. It requires python interpreter. So you have to install it. After that, you can change the import modules by entering “setimports” command. type “help” to get list of available commands! This program coded using MSVC6.

Download Python Desktop Shell from following link


July 21, 2009

EIt(Enable It) is a small tool which allows you to enable/disable UI components of any application. Actually it is a funny tool which can be use to play with some trial softwares. ( Have you ever disabled the start button?)

Download EIt from following link

Quick Command

July 21, 2009

QuickCommand is a tool which can use to execute your commands quickly!  For instance, right click on any java file & select QuickCommand.  Then you can select a command from available command list(compile or open it with notepad….).  Also you can add your own commands for given file extension!  All you have to do is modify the commands.ini file (look at the installed dir).  This program is coded using Auto-Hotkey v1.0

Download Quick Command from following link